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Top Considerations for a Tenant Leasing a Commercial Space

Top Considerations for a Tenant Leasing a Commercial Space Retail and commercial leasing present unique business issues for tenants and business owners to consider. The last few years have changed the way many business operate day-to-day, and the shift to remote and hybrid working has only further emphasized the importance of careful consideration, analysis and…

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9 Things to Consider When Buying a Business

  The acquisition of a business is one of the most complicated transactions a business (or entrepreneur) can enter into. Deciding between buying the new business under an asset purchase or a stock purchase arrangement could occupy a series of blog posts in and of itself.  For the time being below is a list of…

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Cyber Security Concerns in M&A Transactions

  Cyber security is an important consideration in mergers and acquisitions. This is because you could be buying an enormous amount of unknown liability.  Cyber security is becoming a key factor in analyzing the amount of risk that a financial strategic buyer will take on after an acquisition.  A company’s ability to effectively protect its…

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