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Business owners are often interested in selling their ownership to another entity or consolidating their business. When the timing and opportunities are right, selling a business can be an excellent exit strategy for business owners. Buyers look for strategic or economic acquisitions to improve their position in the market. Merging with a similar business can be beneficial for each party’s success.  Acquiring a business can increase presence in a market and promote growth and revenue. MLMW can help when a merger or acquisition becomes an option for your enterprise.

How MLMW Can Help

We help clients navigate all stages of mergers & acquisitions and represent both buyers and sellers, including drafting and negotiating confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, and the underlying deal and post-closing documents. Our firm advises on the best structure for a business purchase or sale, tailoring the transaction to meet the client’s specific requirements. We also assist with all phases of the due diligence process.  You and your business will receive a personalized approach designed to maximize the value of your transaction and minimize potential risks and exposures.  Our team has experience representing a wide array of businesses and deal sizes, from $120 million dollar transactions to deals under a million dollars. Our primary focus is representing medium and small-sized closely held companies.

We provide advice to owners, boards of directors, special committees, and investors who are considering strategic or financial acquisitions or divestitures. Such transactions often involve debt or equity financing and structural changes to an existing business entity or the formation of a new entity. Our attorneys have backgrounds in business, commercial lending, and management, allowing us to understand the legal aspects of a deal and understand what is at stake from a business perspective.

Post-closing, we have a depth of experience working as outside general counsel and can assist with legal matters arising from the company’s transition from the seller to the buyer. These items include contracting, employment, corporate, disputes, and ongoing business transactional needs. If a deal goes south, we also represent clients through all phases of litigation and arbitration. We know that a new business environment post-closing may cause employees, board of directors, and owners to experience uncertainty and anxiety. We want to help put you and your valued employees at ease by providing the best advice possible every step of the way.

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Hiring lawyers skilled in business law, specifically M&A work, will significantly impact the success of your purchase or sale. We are responsive, available to answer questions and explain things, and we will help guide you through the entire sale process. We would be happy to discuss your potential merger or acquisition and see if we are a good fit for your needs.

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