Does your law firm handle only Colorado cases?

Our practice focuses on Colorado transaction and litigation for business, corporate real estate, construction law, and finance. We handle cases across Colorado from the Denver metro area to the Western Slope and mountain towns. We handle or supervise litigation in other states across the country and associate with local counsel when necessary. We also provide outside general counsel




We review your situation to determine how we can best achieve our client's goals. We create long-lasting relationships with our clients, who rely on us to help reduce potential issues throughout the course of their transactions and their business. We work proactively to help our clients avoid legal problems whenever possible and position them in as strong a position as practicable in the event of disputes or litigation. Our attorneys have a wealth of hands-on businessreal estate and financial experience. Feel free to take a look at our client testimonials 

Regardless of the size of our clients, we take a personal interest in achieving our client's goals, engage our clients on a personal level, and work together as part of a collaborative team. We deeply value our clients' needs, goals and timeframes.


How will I be kept informed of my case?

It is MLMW’s goal to regularly inform our clients of the legal and factual issues involved in their matter, while at the same time minimizing costs.  We consistently communicate with our clients throughout the progress of their case.


Why do I need legal guidance when creating a contract?

Legal guidance can spare you from future problems. Our team will ensure your contract has the necessary language and details to prevent future disputes and lawsuits.


How can you help with mergers and acquisitions?

Our practice includes purchase, sale and merger services for a wide range of companies. We provide advice to owners, boards of directors, special committees and investors who are considering strategic or financial acquisitions or divestitures. Such transactions often involve debt or equity financing and structural changes to an existing business entity or the formation of a new entity. Our attorneys who practice in this area have backgrounds in business, commercial lending and management, giving us the ability to understand the legal aspects of a deal and what is at stake from a business perspective.


What are some of the damages and remedies available to me in a commercial dispute?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the following remedies may be available to you if you prevail in your action:

1. Compensatory Damages - Money damages to reimburse you for financial losses incurred as a direct result of the breach.

2. Consequential and Incidental Damages - Money damages to reimburse you for financial losses you incurred as a foreseeable, but indirect result of the breach.

3. Liquidated Damages - Money damages agreed upon and written into a contract that would be payable in the event of breach.

4. Punitive Damages - Money damages awarded with the intention of punishing the party who acted in an offensive manner in an effort to deter others from similar action.

5. Attorney Fees and Costs - These fees are generally only recoverable if the terms of the agreement specifically provided for them.

6. Rescission - A contract is canceled and both parties are excused from further performance.

7. Reformation - The terms of a contract are modified to reflect the parties' original intent.

8. Specific Performance - A court order requiring a party to perform as set forth in the contract.


Where can I find Colorado Court Forms?

Colorado Court Forms are available here.


How do I contact YOU for more information?

Please send us details about your legal issue using our contact form or by calling us at 303-777-1411.

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