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Phantom Stock Plans

Nov 06, 2018
Category: M&L Legal Posts

By Craig Watrous Companies interested in offering incentive-based compensation to attract and retain top-level talent have several options for their employees, but phantom stock options allow a company to offer such compensation without offering equity-…
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Category: M&L Legal Posts

By: Allen E.F. Rozansky, JD/MBA   As our devoted blog readers know, Estate ProtectionTM is not just estate planning but also includes keeping an eye on, and planning to reduce, your income tax exposure through income and capital gains tax planning. Ther…
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Category: M&L Legal Posts

 By Craig T. Watrous  Commercial cell tower leases often last for many years, even for decades. Our firm has seen leases lasting as long as 50 years. Often presented as an easy way for a landowner or building owner to make passive income, the lease form…
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Category: M&L Legal Posts

By: Allen E.F. Rozansky, JD/MBA As mentioned in a previous blog post, one of the three aspects of Estate ProtectionTM is estate planning.  But what is estate planning?  Many people may think, “I don’t have a family, so why do I need an estate plan."  Or…
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Category: News and Updates

  As of January 1, 2019, Colorado County Courts will have jurisdiction over matters in controversy up to $25,000.00, an increase from the previous limit of $15,000.00. Filing fees will be set based on the amount of the judgment sought. County court cases…
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