Here is an unsolicited plug for Reed Morris as a mediator. He worked hard and got a case resolved where the personalities involved were difficult and made a settlement very unlikely (in my opinion). I would use him again and suggest others on the list try him.

- James M. Edwards, James M. Edwards, P.C.

Pragmatic and Effective

Craig helped me negotiate a business partnership split, it was somewhat complicated but he managed to work efficiently with the other party to reach common ground; avoiding unnecessary litigation or financial burden.

- J. Dillon


Excellent Business Attorney

As a business consultant working with entrepreneurs and start-ups, I make attorney recommendations all the time. I am always looking for a small business advocate.. Craig is #1.. When I started my second business, he was our choice as our attorney. He takes the time to listen, help people understand and weigh their options and makes things happen. Craig delivers what he promises. He is accessible and straight-forward. He volunteers time to teach at the SBDC and other non-profits to educate startups. He is also bilingual (English and Spanish).

- Nancy

Reliable and Knowledgeable

Reed has been an integral part of setting up my real estate business by helping me set up the legal entity and creating the right policies, manuals, and contract to make it all work. Additionally, I can send clients to him with their legal and transactional needs if my license doesn't allow me to address it. The great work he does makes me look good in return. Highly recommend.

- Colin

 Terrific and Tactful Representative

I had a misrepresentation situation in another state. Reed came to my rescue, negotiating with the other party and recovered all of my investment. You can count on him to achieve great results.

- Robb


Great Integrity

I want you to know we feel blessed you [Reed] represented us in this case. You are truly a man of great integrity and did/and still are doing a wonderful job. I see this as finally starting the process of closure, which is a good thing after three years. I don't feel bad, as I said time to move on. This is only a very short message of all my thoughts but wanted you to know.

- Janice Seal


Practical and Strategic

I have used Mallon & Lonnquist as General Outside Counsel for Comex North America, Inc. since July, 2009. Jim Mallon and John Lonnquist have been advisors that I have relied on in all matters of law. Their advice is always rendered with integrity and I have found it to be both practical and strategic.

Jim & John's firm has been particularly helpful in configuring & reviewing contracts related to real estate, channel partners such as dealers and independent sales representatives, vendors and large customers. They have also developed standard pro-forma agreements for repetitive use situations.

In addition to being excellent contract attorneys their attention to detail, creative thinking and relentless pursuit of the facts enabled them to develop a strategy for one particular defense in a litigation that was ultimately settled out of court, discover an omission by another large law firm that resulted in a significant benefit to our company and prepare a plan to optimize our corporate legal entity structure.

Jim and John fulfill their role as our Outside Counsel with integrity and a great sense of responsibility. They understand their limits and will only advise us in areas of the law where they have direct expertise or where they have consulted with an expert contained within their strong network of capable attorneys. As a manufacturer with more than 200 retail stores across the United States we have faced many and varied legal challenges. Mallon & Lonnquist has been an integral team member helping us address a significant portion of these challenges. Jim Mallon and John Lonnquist are honest, straightforward, always responsive and very knowledgable attorneys. I highly recommend the firm Mallon & Lonnquist.

- John O'Toole

VP of Corporate & Legal Affairs

Comex North America, Inc.

VERY pleased


I wanted to thank you for the time you spent helping me [....] It was definitely money well spent in my opinion even though we didn't pursue legal action. I was very pleased with your work.

Thank you for your time.

Ryan Llewellyn


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