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Denver Outside General Counsel

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We are able to provide our business clients with unique services targeted at their long term goals. These services help clients execute business plans, develop internal legal procedures, manage legal resources, assess overall legal exposure, control costs, and maximize the value of their legal services.

Law Firm and Legal Resource Management & Cost Control

Sometimes disputes arise in different states and it’s necessary for a client to engage the services of out-of-state local counsel. We help clients manage multi-state litigation and out-of-state law firms. By monitoring bills, coordinating strategies and overseeing work product, we help our clients increase efficiencies and manage legal costs. We provide the following services:

For specific project and business planning issues, we help coordinate various legal disciplines, reducing redundancies and focusing legal resources on the client’s overall objectives. The coordination we provide often relates to the following:

Executive Compensation & Incentive Programs

We work with top-level management to design, document and implement plans and programs to attract and retain key personnel, incentivize and reward management based on performance, provide for possible employee ownership, and structure an internal transfer of ownership.

Exit Planning and Employee Buy-Outs

We help business owners prepare for and plan their exit strategies. This may include the sale of the company, forming strategic alliances, employee ownership plans, merger with another business, gradual transfer of ownership to management or employees, or insurance funded buy-outs in the event of death or disability. By taking an in-depth proactive approach to exit planning, owners can maximize their value and provide the structure and systems to ensure a smooth transition out of their business.

Legal Procedure, Forms and Process Training

We help our business clients establish company protocols, form documents, legal procedures and process training to allow their businesses to internally handle recurring or repetitive legal issues while significantly reducing or eliminating the legal costs of using outside counsel. This also saves time, minimizes risk exposure, ensures consistency and reduces legal costs.

Outside General Counsel

It’s expensive and often impractical for smaller and medium sized companies to set up and maintain in house counsel, even though the nature or size of their business involves a broad array of legal compliance, concerns or issues. Even larger companies with in-house counsel may find that their attorneys are overstretched or need specialized assistance. We serve as outside general counsel for a number of our clients ranging from small to quite large. We also serve as U.S. counsel for foreign businesses. By being involved in the planning stages and day to day operations of our business clients, we have been able to fashion programs and procedures to proactively avoid risks and disputes. When companies are shorthanded or need legal expertise, we’ve worked alongside in-house counsel. Our outside general counsel services are an innovative way to serve the ongoing needs of our business clients. We can provide quicker response rates and focused legal services at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time, executive level in-house counsel.

Legal Audits

It’s important for companies to regularly assess the legal health of their operations. We provide top to bottom review of documentation, organization and management procedures and practices. Reviewing a company’s legal compliance issues can help prevent catastrophic consequences. Our legal audits are designed for compliance with applicable laws, specific industry regulations, licenses and permits, contracts and lender requirements.