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Mediation, an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism, involves a formal negotiation conducted with a neutral third party. The parties present their cases, and the mediator listens to both sides, offering impartial analysis and possible solutions to the parties’ conflict. Presenting a case through a facilitated mediation session with a third party gives each party a better understanding of case weaknesses and strengths and highlights key issues to focus on to work toward a resolution of the dispute.

Often a trial or spending significant resources leading up to court may seem like the only option when facing an issue with another party. Our years of experience in helping businesses and individuals in Denver and throughout Colorado settle disputes outside of the courtroom lead to expanding our services to acting as neutral third-party during mediation of business disputes and mediation of real estate disputes.

Contact us today to see how our mediation services can help you. Schedule your consultation now to discuss scheduling and fees. Learn more about MLMW mediator Reed Morris and why private commercial mediation services may be useful to resolving your case.

Areas of Commercial and Real Estate Mediation Service

Areas of MLMW Colorado mediation services:

What Does Mediation Accomplish?

Mediation allows parties to settle disagreements without the added court costs associated with protracted disputes or trial. Mediation provides a venue where parties’ objectives, case positions and strengths are presented, and creative solutions can be explored. In that context, parties can work toward a settlement agreement to stay out of the courtroom. Mediation also provides control over the outcome and certainty as to the result. A mediated solution is one in which a party will know their situation and what they are able to give up, and what they won’t give up, in a settlement.

The neutral third-party does not give legal advice but can give an impartial analysis of the case and help the parties work to an agreement. By doing this, each party hears the other party’s case and explores their own case strengths and weaknesses. This often allows for clarity and allows the parties to see a possible resolution avoiding the risk of continued pursuit.

Mediation is proven to have a higher success rate when opting for an all-day session. Often the parties involved will not feel rushed and the extended time frame allows each party to fully state their case, and listen to the other side’s demands, allowing each to see points that they may not have seen or understood before. Half-day mediation options are available and may be appropriate for cases with limited issues and less emotion.

Learn More About Our Commercial Mediation Services

We understand that going to court isn’t always the best solution. This is why we believe in exploring mediation as a potential solution and have expanded these services in recent years. Whether you’re seeking to use us as mediators or using one of our lawyers to represent you during mediation, we’re here to help.

Reed Morris is an active civil litigator and trial lawyer in Colorado and devotes an increasing part of his practice to conducting mediations and settlement conferences as a third-party neutral. Reed has a broad range of litigation and mediation experience and is available to act as a mediator in business and real estate disputes. His extensive experience as a litigator has given him unique insights into a wide array of civil and real estate disputes, including real estate contract, boundary and easements disputes; construction payment and defects claims; and business disputes involving contract, professional services, fraud, and partnership issues. Reed is available to act as a mediator in business and real estate disputes, offering full-day or half-day time slots and is available for in-person or remote mediations.


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