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New Business Startup Checklist

While the list of tasks to handle when starting a new business may seem endless, there are some crucial matters that must be handled, including those of a legal nature, to get your business started on the right foot. In this blog, we provide a basic overview of some of the matters that a business will…

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Protecting Your Business: Understanding Cybersecurity Risks

Many businesses’ reliance on technology to operate efficiently and sometimes, even at all, has increased over the last few years, which makes staying on top of security a crucial step to protect your business. Cybersecurity risks can profoundly impact on businesses, ranging from financial losses to inability to operate. Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, and…

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Valuing a Business

Purpose of Business Valuation Valuing a business is a crucial step for business owners, investors, and shareholders interested in buying or selling a company, or simply assessing the worth of a company for growth, future plans and goals, or tax purposes. There are various methods for doing so, and the valuation will depend on a…

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