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Denver Corporate Governance and Structuring Lawyer

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When you’re ready to set up, structure, and establish your Denver corporate entity and how it will run, where can you turn? And, what exactly does corporate governance and structuring entail? Can an already established corporate entity change its governance processes and restructure?

For over 30 years, the experienced legal team of Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous have helped new and established businesses with all of their corporate governance and structuring needs in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas. Schedule your consultation now.

What Is Corporate Governance and Structuring Law in Colorado?

Corporate governance and structuring law is an area of law practiced by attorneys who focus on helping business owners choose the proper corporate entity structure and define how it will be regulated internally. This type of law is also beneficial when a business owner wishes to restructure their existing business, like when they bring on new owners, or sell a portion of the business.

The purpose of this area of law is to assist businesses in maintaining their legal standing in accordance with the laws they must follow for their respective industries. It also focuses on achieving the ownership, management, and growth planning of the business owner.

How Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous Can Help Denver Businesses with Corporate and Structuring

Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous can help Colorado business owners by assisting in identifying the appropriate corporate entity formation and the internal processes used to direct and manage the business.

Our experienced attorneys listen to our clients to learn more about their chosen business model in their industry as well as their immediate, short-term, and long-term objectives. We assist each in establishing the appropriate structure and internal governance documents to ensure that business matters move forward as expected. Examples of governance documents include policies and procedures, bylaws, stock ownership documents, buy-sell agreements, articles of incorporation, operating agents and annual minutes.

Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous can also assist established businesses whose owners or board of directors are interested in restructuring their legal business entity or their internal governance.

Worried about Compliance Matters?

Most businesses have some type of regulatory governance to which they must adhere. Attempting to brave compliance on your own can be a dangerous game. Regardless of the size of your business, its industry, or the type of regulatory governance, Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous has experienced compliance attorneys ready to help. Compliance matters may exist at one or more of the following levels:

Our corporate governance lawyers can help with understanding regulation requirements, compliance, resolving claims, filing lawsuits and appeals, and representing your business in hearings, trial and appeals.

Experienced Governance and Structuring Attorneys in Denver

If you’re seeking experienced governance and structuring attorneys in Denver or the surrounding areas, Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous is ready to schedule your consultation. Our experienced attorneys have more than 30 years of experience. We assist businesses regardless of industry and where they are in their journey. Whether you’re just starting out, in the middle of a change, or looking for an exit strategy, Mallon Lonnquist Morris & Watrous can help.