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Business and Real Estate Mediator Reed Morris

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Reed Morris is a private commercial and real estate mediator offering mediation services across Colorado. Reed’s mediation practice focuses on business and real estate disputes. He also mediates claims involving construction disputes, employment law, legal malpractice, real estate broker malpractice and general civil litigation.

A Litigator’s Mediator

Reed Morris is a litigator’s mediator. He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in those areas where he focuses his mediation practice – business and real estate disputes. He understands the expense, time constraints, and evidentiary matters facing busy litigators as well as the art and science of trial methods and practice.

Reed welcomes diverse approaches to mediation. He offers a traditional process when the parties prefer but also understands that short notice and imminent trial dates may require flexibility and creativity. A nimble approach and a streamlined mediation process may be exercised when the case requires.

Why Reed Mediates

Acting as a mediator involves as much creativity and tenacity as representing the parties as an attorney and advocate. His approach to mediating a case can be as varied as the general types of civil cases Reed has handled. Mediation requires focus. Mediation requires listening. Mediation requires genuinely liking people, attorneys and understanding that businesses and individuals find themselves in complex and emotional disputes that can bring out the worst in the other side. Using his diverse and active trial experience, he helps parties see their case differently and creates a path to resolution. He brings a personal perspective and a relatable approach for parties involved in disputes and the attorneys representing them.


Reed Morris’s active practice in civil litigation began in the mountains of Colorado where he gained an early opportunity to act as lead counsel in a variety of commercial and real estate disputes. He has handled business, real estate, negligence, construction, employment and landlord tenant cases, taking a variety of cases to trial before judges and juries in northwest Colorado before joining a real estate and business firm in Denver. As his practice transitioned to Colorado’s Front Range, Reed continued to focus on business and real estate litigation, obtaining a depth of knowledge of both traditional processes and alternative dispute resolution.  This knowledge and experience play an equally valuable role in resolving disputes as a third-party neutral. Reed continues to represent parties in all forms of business litigation, from individual investors to businesses of all sizes, from “Mom and Pop” to Fortune 500. With nearly twenty years of varied legal and dispute resolution experience, Reed Morris expanded his service offerings to include mediation services while maintaining an active litigation practice in the focus areas he mediates: business and real estate law.