Business Lease Review and Dispute Attorneys

Feb 18, 2016

We are experienced attorneys looking at the lease--and lease disputes--from both the tenant's and the landlord's perspectives.  We handle commercial leasing issues for businesses from drafting, review, negotiation, and disputes involving lease agreements and options to purchase, including eviction proceedings.  Our clients in leasing matters have included:

  • restaurants negotiating multi-year leases for their operations
  • restaurants evaluating and negotiating work outs and lease disputes with landlords
  • professional organizations reviewing and negotiating leases
  • commercial property owners leasing property to tenants in various industries
  • lenders reviewing lease terms for conformance with lending documents

You may contact us and request a consultation by submitting an inquiry online via our website by clicking HERE or you may contact any of our attorneys via our main number or their direct numbers listed under HERE.

Resources for the landlord and tenant: 

Teaching and Experience:

In addition to our practice regularly representing tenants and commercial property owners, our attorneys also provide educational opportunities for business professionals on navigating leases and the lease terms.  Exploring our website there is additional information on our seminars and lectures including:  

  • Our firm's presentation to the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) Denver Chapter, including portions on Commercial Lease Agreements.
  • Attorney Craig Watrous' presentation to the Denver Metro Chamber's Legal Basics class with the Small Business Development Center also including information on commercial leases.




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