Mediation, an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism, involves a formal negotiation conducted with a neutral third party. The parties present their cases, and the mediator listens to both sides, offering impartial analysis and possible solutions to the parties’ conflict. Presenting a case through a facilitated mediation session with a third party gives each party a better understanding of case weaknesses and strengths and highlights key issues to focus on to work toward a resolution of the dispute.

Reed Morris is an active civil litigator and trial lawyer in Colorado and devotes an increasing part of his practice to conducting mediations and settlement conferences as a third-party neutral. Reed has a broad range of litigation and mediation experience and is available to act as a mediator in business and real estate disputes. His extensive experience as a litigator has given him unique insights into a wide array of civil and real estate disputes, including real estate contract, boundary and easements disputes; construction payment and defects claims; and business disputes involving contract, professional services, fraud, and partnership issues. Reed is available to act as a mediator in business and real estate disputes, offering full-day or half-day time slots. 

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