Supreme Court Kills NE/KS Anti-Pot Legalization Lawsuit

Mar 30, 2016


Supreme Court Kills Anti-Pot Legalization Lawsuit


The U.S. Supreme Court on March 21, 2016 refused to consider a lawsuit from Nebraska and Oklahoma against Colorado's regulated sales of marijuana for recreational use, removing a major threat to the multibillion-dollar state-legal cannabis industry. The lawsuit, from Nebraska and Oklahoma, alleged that Colorado's regulated sale of marijuana for recreational use causes an increase in cross-border criminality. The six-justice majority refused to hear the case but did not state specific reasons for denying the lawsuit. Marijuana advocates feared that the lawsuit could wreck laws in four states that allow recreational pot sales and medical marijuana laws in many others.

Steven Nelson, US News and World Report 03/21/2016   

For the full article see the link below:


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