Small is the New Big

Aug 22, 2014

Great Article:

“We believe that this trend is going to get stronger and stronger, and it will be good for the businesses that understand their niche and offer their customers true value: something that is worth their money and time.” Tuija Seipell.




What a fantastic article on small businesses.  Small businesses in all industries (not just in the retail and food industries) represent a dynamic and vital part of our state and local economies. We represent a number of small businesses, and being a small business ourselves have a direct understanding of the obstacles, challenges and joys of small business ownership.

We understand our niche.  We are not a one stop shop.  We offer our clients specialized business, real estate, and civil litigation legal services.  We strive to provide practical services and legal counsel that is worth our clients’ time and money. 

We don’t provide all things to all clients.  When a client’s matter involves specialized issues that our firm does not provide, we collaborate with our experienced network of lawyers who work in other areas like intellectual property, family law, bankruptcy and specialized environmental matters. We also provide our clients with a trusted network of accountants, business consultants, bankers, real estate agents, title companies, business brokers, and book keepers. Most of these firms/providers are also small and specialized and work hard to be the best in their areas of expertise.

As a small law firm we provide our client’s with access. When you call, we will answer.  We won’t farm your work out to teams of inexperienced associates. We do the work. We know your file. We help solve the problem, achieve the goal, structure the deal. Building trusted, long term, personal relationships with our clients is a major focus of our firm. 

(MLMW, is a business, real estate, finance, and civil litigation law firm. Craig T. Watrous is a Colorado business attorney with Mallon & Lonnquist, based in Denver, Colorado. Craig regularly represents small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. Craig can be reached at

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